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Bigfoot Evidence: "Patty" Reconstruction by Bill Munns

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The "Patty" Recreation by Bill Munns

Editor’s Note: Nadia Moore has a degree in Zoology from U.C. Davis and currently works in Biotechnology. She has been a lifelong Bigfoot enthusiast, with her first personal experiences taking place in the Trinity Mountains of Northern California where she lived on a remote ranch during high school. She also a contributor to the After Hours show with Team Tazer.

We hope to have the presentation made by Bill Munns at Discovery Day V available for viewing in one form or another soon, ideally as part of a DVD including the whole conference. For those of you who don't know Bill's work, he studied Film and Theater Arts (16mm and some 35mm, with cameras, editing, sound, and equipment) at Los Angeles Valley College, studied Makeup Artistry with Mike Westmore, and began a career as a makeup artist at Universal Studios in 1969. He has an extensive Hollywood Resume including freelance Prosthetic Makeup work for the Blackenstein monster in the movie “Blackenstein” 1970.

Bills in depth research analyzing the Patterson Gimlin Film can be reviewed here at The Munns Report, as well as a list of his P&G Film accomplishments.

These pictures are from Bill's Discovery Day V presentation, as he discussed in great detail his recent work, made possible by a Grant arranged by Dr. Meldrum, in recreating the anatomy of "Patty" using live models for in depth comparisons between her movement and various natural versions of the human form, both male and female, clothed and sans clothing. He also made several chest panels using various synthetic materials available in 1967, in order to try and recreate a costume which would duplicate the appearance of Patty and her movement. The third branch of this project was the recreation of the "costume" described by Bob Heironimus in his claim that he was hired by Roger Patterson to be the object of Roger's film. Not only has Bob been unable to describe the actual location that the film was made, let alone how to get there, but Bill's work has now proven once and for all that the "costume" as described by Heironimus is structurally, anatomically, and logistically incapable of portraying what is in the famous 1967 Film.

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(Note by Dale D. The recreated mask shown in Nadia's photograph at top does NOT adequately match the head of "Patty" as shown in the film. The relative size of the braincase is drastically larger than what the film shows, probably twice that size)


  1. Isn't Patty's stride just what we would expect of a human male struggling inside a fur suit? That's what John Napier said.

    1. No that is NOT what he said: I have Napier's book. He said the stride might be considered human-like if the footage was filmed at a certain speed. Grover Krantz effectively demonstrated it could not have been filmed at that speed. So the idea was effectively discounted then and there. Besides even if that WAS true there is no way you are going to fit a human shaped braincase into Patty's head!

    2. Yes, what Dale said is correct. Also Joe, have you seen the analysis of the apparent toe extension of the Patterson Film subject that my father and I wrote? It's very suggestive that this simply isn't a man struggling in a fur suit, in our opinion.


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