Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Nahuelito photo from Lake Monsters Facebook page

Above is an early depiction of the Pattagonian Plesiosaur of Lake Nahuel Huapi, which was a media sensation before the Loch Ness monster was publicised in the 1930s. In parallel to "Nessie" the creaure of that lake is known as Nauelito, which might be translated as "Nahuelie." Sightings were rarely reported to the outside world until recently, but this is one location which consistently produces both reports of Plesiosaur-shaped creatures and also photographs purporting to show them

One of the photographs was reproduced by the owner of the Lake Monsters facebook page and it is reproduced below. I made the remark that the creature image in it looked interesting bu/t that it needed to have better contrast to make it out

Jay Cooney turned up the contrast and it resulted in the image below (Dale D also worked on this version to create the best possible contrast between the creature and the water.) The result is very similar to some of the images coming out of Lake Champlain and pictured on this blog recently

Mrs. Moir's Loch Ness Monster Sighting above and the Umfuli SS sighting below. All of these creatures seem to be described as being about the same absolute size, about 30 feet long overall visible ( 9 meters)
The strong similarity between all of these creatres widely scattered in time and space is a good reason to think there could well be something substantual to the reports and they are all describing the same species

Umfuli SS, after Captain Cringle


  1. Excellent article. I would suggest otters swimming in a row for the photograph, but it does have a rather turtle-like head and the position of the body reminds me of the Chatham Island and Easington "sea serpents". Thus it is a rather interesting photograph, and if only we could have more of this animal with better detail.

    1. Actually (not being just contrary about it) the head in this photo does not look turtle-like to me (Others do)
      I guess I should mention that in comparison to the witness' drawings, we are seeing the whole length of the neck of Nahuelito but only the first half of the body, the rump is presumably submerged. If it was showing three humps, that would be a more obvious comparison

  2. The original photograph in RIO NEGRO and CLARIN newspapers was incredible,I will have to look into the old files...the Barzi photograph.And of course the footage of 1988 which appeared in Redaccion 88 from which you can see the frames below.


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