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Nahuelito.Video 1993.Photo 1988.

Nahuelito.Video 1993.Photo 1988.
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The December 25, 1986, Guillermo Barzi Canale a winemaker entrepreneur who was with his family on board a boat, said he saw "a displacement of very large water with something like black fins and leaving a trail" .
He also claimed to be the only one of the eight people who were on the boat that could see "a head as big snake, one of the extremes."

All returning from a picnic that had been made ​​in Lynch Bay, near Forest LakePepinSeaMonsterThe Myrtles. It was 16:30 and they headed to Cumelén.
"Where the bay ends in Quetrihue tip, a good fishing spot, we decided to attempt to prove the pique" explained Barzi. "My kids threw two lines to the water and rode a stretch, but as there was no fishing resolved

by giving Holmesended the attempt. Before they began to pick up the line, cut the contact of the boat and we stopped. They came with 120 or 130 meters of yarn rewound and while I stood on the seat of the boat in order to observe a little scenery to distract me ... and at that

HolmesAnalisismoment I saw it.
"The monster saw when we stopped the boat and started to observe the landscape," continued Barzi. "was something big, like about fifty feet long, it moved quickly, at a speed of 25-30 kilometers per hour .

Monstr6_1"My first reaction was to think to see it on a submarine, but then told me that was not possible. I evaluated a lot of things, a logical reaction to a strange and unexpected sight, since it could be a big school of trout, with two of them making tip or some deer, it is usual to cross the area. But none of the possibilities conformed me. Then I managed to shout to my companions, 'Guys, look the monster!'.
"In particular I saw a very large water displacement, a

 trail in selma1aV who was cutting the water surface in contrast to Feel us, and behind many borbollones wake in the water and kind of black fins, like dolphins

or sharks. At one point, I was the only one I saw, but I will continue to keep-I caught selmavideo1sight of a head as big at one end snake.
"The monster went about fifty yards from where we were, and what I saw was cutting the water surface in

the opposite direction to our Barzirevealing between a wake

and gushing water species of black fins ".
The daughter of businessman, Martina Barzi obtained a photograph, taken with a telephoto lens of 300 mm to about 150 meters from the object, and displays the wake in the water. The account of the meeting was published in the newspaper Black River , along with a photo of Martina.

Nahuel1In early November 1987, a group of workers Bariloche Atomic Center returning from their work duties in a micro, announced the sighting of "a large spine emerging from the Nahuel Huapi and moving at high speed, leaving a
trail. "
This supposed phenomenon was seen by about thirty people in the area of Playa Bonita [1] .
That same year Alfredo Passo , former commander of Austral Airlines captain sightseeing cruise of Lake Nahuel Huapi to observe an object moving rapidly away and diving.
A crew of wildland firefighters, employees of Entel (a crew of 6 men of the Fire Fighting Service), an employee of the Department of Forests and several other people who were at the marines of the lake January 29, 1988 saw a similar phenomenon: "a wake" foam on the lake, about fifteen meters, appeared on the end of a "dark spot", similar to the back of an animal,

;;which was moving towards the west.


Then on Sunday 30, several other tourists
and barilochenses saw. On Route 237 and the Nahuelito7Costanera Avenue a row to observe the monster was formed.
That was minutes before 8 pm. It was a sunset no wind. He was described as a "dark back" about 10 to

15 meters in diameter that Nahuelito8moved from east to west leaving many bubbles [2] .
"We saw a very large displacement of water, a wake in 'V' that was cutting the water surface and the wake behind borbollones and many species of black fins, like

dolphins or sharks. Also, at one Nahuelito9end a head appeared like a serpent, very large ... "

On Thursday February 4 Bariloche neighbor who declined to be identified managed to film the monster. Daily Black River reported [3] :

"The scene, taken with a small apparatus VHS, Nahuelito10was released on Friday in the 'Writing 88' program, which airs on Channel 6 in this city, and shows for about "fifteen to twenty seconds," the image of a animal or object large, moving swiftly through the waters of Nahuel Huapi.

Nahuelito11"While the vision is no different from other known oral testimony and graphics, filming shows the movement of the evocative object, the trail of water leaves behind,

and at least two successive dark spots, as if Nahuelito12it were the
spine fins or partially submerged animal.
"It generated some skepticism that the author of the film had not wanted to publicize your name, mainly because the testimony coincided with the circulation of

photographs of dubious veracity. No Nahuelito13but one of the drivers of the TV audition, Fitz Roy Madsen , referred this newspaper that "it is a neighbor and accredited professional of this city, who offered to divest the material provided is not given to its identity. '"

Nahuelito14Shortly after Joseph Ulesia , the Balseiro Institute in Bariloche , along with 26 companions, see a large animal moving quickly through the water toward the island Victoria [4] .

The following year, 1989, a group of 31 tourists, Nahuelito15led by Isabel Muller see an animal about 20 meters with large fins on the back. That same year the professional photographer Jorge Brodo and his friend Juan Bucetta shoot an animal about 20 meters long flexible and undulating movements that moves on the lake.
In 1995 a group of tourists who wandered Formosa lakeshore aboard a micro see the back of a large animal that leaves a trail.
Following tradition, this monster was given the name Nahuelito. Like many other lakes with "monsters", the Nahuel Huapi is poor in nutrients and could hardly sustain a Joselitopopulation of monsters between 10 and 15 meters long. However, the myth of the plesiosaur a milestone for Patagonia. And there are many who still believe in their existence possible, if only to encourage tourism in these latitudes.
There is talk of other monsters in Argentina, as "Joselito" they say, off the coast of Arenas Verdes appears in Puerto Quequén, Necochea and Lobería. The latter name is because the first observation occurred on March 19, the day of San José.
To be continued ...

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  1. Thanks,Dale.Now,there is some information (in spanish) about this creature,Dr Antonio Las Heras,who found the paintings of the Mapuche of the demon serpent of the lake,similar to the Ogopogo monster,you know,20 seconds of a footage in 1988 showing a huge animal with a long neck and a snake-like head swimming in the lake,a footage that I'm trying to find and that was on air in REDACCION 88, I'll go to Bariloche to find a copy,a sighting of a group of firefighters,and much more here...

    The paintings at the end of the video


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