Sunday, 1 September 2013

Speaking of Breaking Necks...

This depiction of an Eastern Bigfoot or American Almas killing a deer by breaking its neck has been circulating around Facebook lately. It is the more human kind of Bigfoot with more human-like features, a forehead and a beard, shorter arms and a more human like body (Only covered with fur) I consider this to be the bigger and tougher relative of the Wudewasas or Wild People of Europe, and basically a hairier variety of Homo sapiens. The depiction is probably pretty authentic. There are reports of occasions much like this in Ohio.
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Bigfoot Deer Kill

This is a Bigfoot deer kill we found on Jan. 6th, 2000. When we first found this deer it had a slit where the neck joins the body big enough for a large hand to fit. When we first found the deer the hole was smaller than in the photo as our dogs had eaten a small portion before we could get back to it with a camera (when we would leave the carcass, so would our dogs) The deer was intact with the exception of the liver which had been removed. The blood was still inside the body and did not spill until our dogs started eating on the carcass. Notice the tail on this deer is still flagged after it had been dead for quite some time. This tells us that this deer died in terrible fright. The front leg is broken and the deer is laying exactly like we found it.
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