Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Robert Rines 2001 Carcass and Unknown Lifeform Loch Ness

Guest Blog by Scott Mardis. Once Again, I present my Guest bloggers a platform to publish on but I do not necessarily endorse everything that they say when I give them the chance to do so. That is the standard arrangement.

Robert Rines 2001 Carcass and The Unknown Lifeform In Loch Ness

[Looking at the part that is supposed to be the head end again I did see certain odd markings which could be interpreted as being features of a Plesiosaur's skull.  In order for this to be true, the "Skull" has to be flipped around to the opposite orientation as given above. This is only meant to be offered as one possible interpretation, not necessarily the correct one-DD.]

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